Pixel 4 “Feature Drop” is a first of several planned quarterly updates


Google is booming to start giving the Pixel line more than just monthly refuge updates and yearly major OS updates. Yesterday, Google announced the elementary “Feature Drop” for the Pixel 4, and according to a new report from The Extend, this is the first of several planned quarterly feature updates for Google’s flagship smartphone.

There are four big updates registered in this first feature drop. The most important sounds get pleasure from an update to the Pixel 4’s memory management, which Google says “proactively compresses hided applications so that users can run multiple applications at the same time—wish games, streaming content and more.” The Pixel 4’s 6GB of RAM is less than most of its Android contest, which means it can’t run as many apps in the background as other phones. This puff up is also coming to older Pixel devices like the Pixel 3; with solitary 4GB of RAM, these devices are definitely RAM starved compared to other Android phones.

The Pixel tack has long had a “Call Screen” feature that allows the Google Pal with to pick up a call and ask the caller who they are and what they want. Their solution would then be transcribed on your phone screen, allowing you to see what that entreat was about without having to actually pick up the call. Before, this was a manually switched feature—your phone would ring, and instead of pressing the “answerable for” button, you could send the call to the Google Assistant. With this new update, the Google Link can now screen calls automatically. Robocalls can be automatically declined, and unknown slues can get sent to the Google Assistant, where the caller can identify themselves, and then the phone resolution ring, showing the caller’s statement on the call screen.

The last two qualities are just app updates. Google Photos is getting the ability to blur the training of any picture in your collection, even for photos you took “years ago.” Google Duo, a Google video conversation app, is getting an auto-framing feature that tracks your face, sleeker 90FPS video playback, and a background blur feature.

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