Pippa Middleton's Bike Shoes Are Way More Stylish Than a Sneaker


You won’t awaken Pippa Middleton riding a bike in sweatpants or workout leggings. No ma’am, she camouflage b confines it stylish at all times, just like her older sister Kate Middleton. So what’s Pippa’s bike concern of choice? A sleek jumpsuit. For a ride around her West London shelter, she wore a navy wrap one-piece that looked comfortable and was pliant enough to move in. Pippa kept the outfit sensible with leopard wrote loafers (she has a snakeskin version too), a tan leather jacket, sunglasses, and a helmet for aegis.

The soon-to-be bride looked carefree on her bike, perhaps taking a make public from all that wedding planning. The date is set for May 20 and she’s likely totaling last-minute touches to her reception details and wedding gown. Though a marriage jumpsuit might be out of the question, Pippa will no doubt choose a look to be recognized. Scroll on to see Pippa’s bike riding outfit, plus scoop up a jumpsuit and almost identical loafers of your own.

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