Piers Morgan to leave Good Morning Britain: Next move for outspoken host ‘unveiled’


BoyleSports merchandisers received many requests to offer odds on the chances of Piers released froming GMB. 

The bookmakers revealed: “Piers Morgan has faced criticism from viewers to the past few months due to his opinionated political stance and received 4,000 Ofcom grouse about his interviews with Conservative politicians.

“BoyleSports initially tendered odds of 33/1 for Piers to step down from his role but people seem to think it will happen as those chances have plummeted into a moment ago 5/1.” 

Sarah Kinsella, spokesperson for BoyleSports said: “Piers Morgan increased some support as the broadcaster of Good Morning Britain, for his positive resistance to the coronavirus and how he was using his social media platforms to help the NHS staff. 

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