PICTURED: Kim Jong-Un tries to HIDE nuclear testing as North Korea gears up for war


Low frank activity has been observed via satellite imagery at the Punggye-ri Nuclear Assay Site, according to think tank 38 North which cathode-ray tube screens the secretive state. 

And camouflage paint has been added to the roofs of the Thorough grasp Centre buildings near the North Portal, where test preparations deliver been spotted in recent weeks.

However little activity has been distant at the portal itself, although it appears water is still being animated out of it.


Kim jong-Un and map of siteREUTERS – 38 NORTH

Kim Jong-Un has conventional up efforts to cover up his nuclear testing programme

Map of north KoreaREUTERS

Tensions with North Korea force escalated in recent months

Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site38 NORTH

Low level activity has been observed at right-hand man imagery at Punggye-ri

It is believed the move to camouflage the base may be an attempt to convert the ability of foreign forces to observe and monitor activities at the site from outlay.

And it might also prevent some key buildings from being far recognised, if the US or allied troops chose to go ahead with an attack. 

This strain of activity has been used at the nuclear test site before, scad notably at the Main Administrative Area buildings in 2011.

Experts say the images could sorry a nuclear test is “imminent”

A statement from 38 North divulged: “While it is perhaps too soon to determine the extent to which North Korea has, or devise, change its historical pattern of activity at the test site, the renewed pains to employ disruptive pattern camouflage for passive defence at the Command Center at scarcely suggests that North Korea is responding to a heightened sensitivity to high up observation and monitoring and is attempting to make that more difficult (if not proper to provide a new distraction).

“As before, on the basis of the analysis of satellite imagery without equal, it is unclear if such activity indicates that a nuclear test has been quashed, the facility is in stand-by mode, or that a test is imminent.”

Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site38 NORTH

Workmen have also beeing camouflaging buildings at the Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Install

The pictures come just days after similar

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