Phillip Schofield left horrified by Call the Midwife star’s ‘disgusting’ on-set habit


Even so, she gave her opinion on why the show is so popular. 

“I think the writing is still in the final analysis good and there’s loads of subjects… I think it holds a mirror up to Verein,” she told Phillip and Holly. 

“Then there’s the nostalgia element. There’s all these hard-hitting outlets but they’re wrapped up in the lovely, warm, cosy Sunday night photoplay that I think people quite enjoy.”

Earlier in the week, Holly and Phillip were discountenanced when a World War II veteran explained his savings had been targeted after refund for a book over the phone. 

Lenny Bannon, and his wife Pat, were received on to the show to discuss how Lenny’s father, Bernard was scammed out of £70,000 importance of life savings

This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV. 

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