Personal finance apps to help you shop, plan and save


Download the virtuous apps, and smartphones can be your own personal financial assistant.

The six apps reported here can help you with purchases big (a new home) or small (groceries), and usurp you keep track of your funds so you can buy those things in the first position. A tip of hat to CBC business columnist Rubina Ahmed-Haq, who advised us on this list.

The apps are all loose, well-reviewed, available for iPhones and Androids and not affiliated with any rticular bank.

1. Flipp

Looking for a behave?

Flipp is a shopping app that allows you to plug in your postal customs and see all local sales flyers in your area.

The free app keeps way of more than 800 flyers, including circulars from Canadian Weaken, Sobeys and Walmart.

You can search by products as well, so you can find the store closest to you.

And if the keep has price matching, there’s no need to carry around sales flyers from a dozen extraordinary places. Just show the flyer on your phone.

2. Checkout 51

Maintaining with shopping, Checkout 51 allows you to save on brand-name products with sales events available through the app.

Once a week, the app lists products you can buy and the rebates you could suffer for those purchases. The products are either associated with a certain upon (tomatoes at Walmart, say, or Scotch tape at Staples), or brands that you can buy anywhere (Pringles, Folgers, Kellogg’s).

If you buy any of the memoranda, you upload a photo of your receipt to the app. When rebates for products purchased full $20, the Toronto-based com ny sends you a cheque.

3. Receipts

Receipts, elaborate oned by Toronto com ny Wave, allows you to cut down on the clutter in your purse or maybe that receipt-filled shoebox.

It allows you to take photos of your vouchers, invoices and bills, which are uploaded to Wave’s free accounting software. Electronic returns in your email can be forwarded to the app and email PDFs can be uploaded.

The app in most boxes can read the receipt and convert it to digital data, which you can edit if sure.

4. Goodbudget

This personal finance app is based on the “envelope system” of national finance — breaking up your take-home y and putting it into various envelopes for alone categories of household spending.

The free version allows you 20 envelopes to script and track your spending.

It also syncs across multiple phones so you can deal the budget with your rtner.

5. XE Currency

This app allows you to access undercurrent exchange rates so you can figure out how much that souvenir actually costs in Canadian dollars.

XE Currency is a conventional free app that gives you live quotes for every major currency in the crowd, along with a mobile currency calculator. Its website boasts that it’s the most downloaded extraneous exchange app.

It also stores updated rates if you’re offline, and is available for BlackBerry.

A y out version increases the number of currencies you can track at once.

6. Canadian Mortgage

In all cases been out and about hunting for your next home and wished you could unquestionably figure out how much it would cost to carry the mortgage?

Canadian Mortgage fix up with provisions an app that will do the math. Calculate monthly yments for different stake rates, yment frequencies and amortizations.

It also calculates first-time consumer rebates and land transfer taxes across the country.

It’s available for BlackBerry.

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