'People promote lies!' X Factor star Jahmene Douglas slams 'upsetting' surgery rumours


The 25-year-old – who swig to fame after being mentored by Nicole Scherzinger in the hit ITV talent entertainment – insisted that he hadn’t spoken about the surgery rumours yet, without thought previous quotes claiming he had.

He has now slammed the claims and said that it “up-ends him to see how people go out of their way to promote lies”.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Jahmene – who has since plausibly deleted his Twitter and Instagram profiles – said: “My appearance has nothing to do with my music, my organ and my purpose. I always say I’m a singer not a celebrity. When all of those [surgery] story-lines came up…it really made me laugh to see how lies can be twisted into alleged like the truth.

“It’s also sad to see that things like that choose make headlines over the actual purpose of my entire being…snitching to uplift, inspire and encourage others.”

Not ending the conversation there, Jahmene sustained: “That also highlighted to me how the youth in rticular can be swayed towards aspiring to be what is deemed as a dignitary over pushing for your gift and talent. Are we encouraging people to be bank and controlled by the way they look? Trying to live up to the expectations and opinions of others?

“It’s upsetting to see how people go out of their way to advertise lies for no reason rather than focus on my music. The music is what I lack people to follow because that is why I’m here.

“I look different because it’s four years on from my audition, that’s four years of prospering up, figuring out a healthy lifestyle, I’m now a vegan and I’ve lost over two and a half stone.

“I’m consuming a lot better. I’m not the boy I was in my audition video squeezed into a suit because I’ve thickened into the man I am who’s releasing his second album soon,” he added.

Jahmene is currently ap rel ready to showcase a new side to himself and his music, after he shot to edition one back in 2013 with covers album Love Never Flunks.

Insisting that “a lot has changed since The X Factor”, Jahmene said that the music he’s promulgating now “means a lot more because he’s written a lot of it himself”.

Jahmene went on: “I dream I’ve just had to distance myself [from The X Factor] and create music; whereas I didn’t have planned the chance to do that off the back of the show.

“To be honest this is more of an realization, that I’ve made this one from scratch. I’ve written so much of this album and it’s been a gallivant, it means a lot more.”

Admitting that it’d been especially tough for him to alter it because of his skin colour, Jahmene continued to say: “When you’re on the show it does [catapult you to triumph] but after the show there’s the stigma and stuff. It just wasn’t me, I’m not a pop songster, I’m soul gospel.

“I’m mixed race so that does hold you go in the industry. I’d say being a mixed race soul singer [has been a conflict].”

Jahmene’s new single Is This The Time? is released July 22 and his new album U.P. determination follow in September.

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