People are getting strange text messages, likely from the past


If you woke up Thursday to a eldritch text that seemed totally out of place, you aren’t alone. A enigmatic wave of missives swept phones in Canada and the U.S. overnight, delivering mostly unintelligible messages from friends, family and the occasional ex.

Friends who hadn’t talked to each other in months were bounced into chatting. Others briefly panicked.

The best explanation sounds to be that old texts sent in the spring suddenly went through. Two people put they figured out the original messages were never received. It’s not obvious why this months-long delay happened. Phone companies blamed others and tendered no further explanations.

Stephanie Bovee, a 28-year-old from Portland, woke up at 5 a.m. to a part from her sister that said just “omg.” She immediately thought something had chanced to her newborn nephew at the hospital.

She started calling everyone. Her sister and her sister’s budget didn’t answer. She woke up her mom, freaking her out. It was three hours before she literate that everything was fine and the text was an odd anomaly.

“Now it’s funny,” she said. “But out of ambience, it was not cool.”

Bovee figured out that people were getting some of her old contents that failed to go through when her sister and a co-worker both got extracts that she had sent in February. The text her sister received wished her a in seventh heaven Valentine’s Day.

Unhelpful explanations

Mobile carriers offered unhelpful rationalizations for the weird-text phenomenon, which appeared to be widespread, at least according to popular media. The technology site Engadget reported that it affected the top four US networks as very much as Canada on both Android devices and iPhones.

A Sprint spokesperson state it resulted from a “maintenance update” for messaging platforms at multiple U.S. haulers and would not explain further. T-Mobile called it a “third party vendor up in the air.” Verizon and AT&T did not answer questions.

Marissa Figueroa, a 25-year-old from California, got an unwanted declaration from an ex she had stopped talking to — and then he got one from her as well. Neither really sent them last night, both said. Figueroa couldn’t interpret it out, even worrying that her ex was messing with her, until she saw reports of this occasion to others.

“It didn’t feel great,” she said. “It just was not good for me and my bonkers health to be in contact with him.”

A friend who’d just re-entered his life got a confusing message from Joseph Gomez at 5:32 a.m. Thursday. In that workbook, Gomez seemed to assume she was on her way over to his house so they could sort out a Lyft.

It took a half hour of back-and-forth texting and help from a screenshot to unclouded up the situation. Can their relationship recover? Gomez, 22, said it was “chagrin, then awkward, and then funny.”

No mixed messages there.

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