Pensioners face travel ban under coronavirus recommendations from Brussels agency


The European Nucleus for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) said travel restrictions when one pleases need to be enforced to protect the most vulnerable groups even after lockdowns are disappeared. Dr Andrea Ammon, the ECDC’s director, said European countries intention have to factor in “clear risk groups” when developing exodus strategies from their measures. She told MEPs: “There are faultless risk groups that are more affected and more likely to die.

“People who require a higher risk should not travel if the virus is still around.”

The European Commission has articulate it will use the ECDC’s medical advise while devising its own plans to restart the bloc after the pandemic.

Value countries’ performance by their death tolls isn’t reliable method, correspondence to Dr Ammon.

She added: “There was a suggestion countries should be classified anyhow their death toll.

“Given the low confidence we have on whether the deaths that are unexcited are really complete I would really think this is not a very trusted approach to classifying countries.”

The warning comes after the Government was accelerated not to tell elderly people to remain under lockdown longer than the take a nap of the population.

Former Tory ministers said most over-70s intention flout the rules if they were ordered to remain under “edifice arrest”.

Ex-chancellor Ken Clarke said: “There’s a danger if they go too cautiously that everybody all through the age of 70 will be advised that they have got to remain in self-imposed whore-house arrest for the next year or two.

“I know very few people of my age who will put up with that.”

Another departed chancellor Lord Lamont said pensioners feel like the lockdown has separated them from their loved rhymes.

He said: “When we do get to the stage eventually of lifting restrictions, may I urge the Guidance not to discriminate against the elderly… and not to treat the elderly as a single kind.

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He said: “The political context in Britain is based on rule by agreement. We are not an authoritarian state.

“It is the virus which is a discriminator not the Government. The clinical assessment of peril for many older people, particularly those with medical influences, is very, very high.

“The Government will be guided by clinical parnesis, although the effect of safeguarding and lockdown on the elderly is fully understood and we disposition put in as many mitigation measures as we can.”

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