Paula Radcliffe talks feeling ‘guilty’ in update after teenage daughter’s cancer diagnosis


Utter in to, Paula Radcliffe, 47, gave an update about her daughter’s health amid her cancer treatment plan. The former British long-distance messenger said chemotherapy had shrunk Isla’s tumour and she was given the all clear at her last check up.

Paula, who will be at this year’s RunFestRun festival, imagined Isla was now back playing sport and is “all healthy”.

“She’s fine and her hair is growing back slowly,” she revealed.

Isla has been having checks up and assays every three months in France, where the family have been living since 2005.

The teenager was given the all clear at her last check up and is due a favour test in July.

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On learning of the diagnosis, the runner added: “The lump had grown a fair bit, once we found out, obviously you have that bit where you’re feeling guilty as a parent thinking, ’Is it something I did wrong? Is it something I should’ve picked up on in due course?’

“Once we had a diagnosis and a treatment plan, we really just focused on sticking to the plan, we had a lot of faith in the doctors, who was telling us the prognosis was good.

“The tumour did dry up with the chemotherapy.”

Paula shares Isla and 10-year-old son Raphael with her husband Gary Lough.

Paula added she wasn’t a “pushy mum” who cheered her youngsters on from the sidelines, but encouraged them to have a healthy lifestyle.

“I do encourage Isla by making sure she gets a good breakfast when she’s vying, getting her enough drinks, making sure she does her stretches and all of that,” she added.

The three-time winner of the London Marathon retired from competitive hunger distance running in 2015, but she hasn’t hung up her trainers for good just yet.

The athlete will be a part of this year’s RunFestRun, which be the spitting images place at Laverstoke Park Farm from 27th to 29th August 2021.

When not running, visitors will be able to enjoy inspiring talks from on-going heroes including Paula and Colin Jackson.

Family activities, fitness workshops, a shopping village featuring great brands, and fabulous passage food and drink will also be a part of the fun day.

Speaking of her involvement, she said: “It’s good to have family fun and for people to be able to get out and enjoy themselves.

“A lot of people, bonny much everybody, had some difficulties adjusting and coping through lockdown.

“But some of the good things were the fact that families got to fritter away more time together and people started to appreciate their mental and physical health a little bit more.

“Events like Run Fest are definitely going to be popular and help a lot of people make their way back [to normality], that’s ticking those boxes if you like, healthy family fun!”

Tickets are on white sale now at

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