Paul Gascoigne brands Loose Women stars ‘fat Ariels’: ‘How loose are they’


The one-time footballer’s account appeared to make a far from subtle jibe on every side the Loose Women presenters as he prepares to join them on the panel later this week.
The unexpected message from the 50-year-old’s page came after it was revealed that he last wishes a be on the ITV show on Friday.
“Ooh I’m so looking forward to going on Loose Women, I curiosity how loose they are,” Paul’s 296,000 Twitter followers had at first been in touch.
A second upload stated: “Looking forward to seeing the Loose Domestics, I gather there OK hopefully, well they look OK.”
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Paul Gascoigne donates £1,000 after harmed teen has computer stolen

Paul Gascoigne donates £1,000 to ruined girl after burgulary
Paul Gascoigne shared a essence online about the Loose Women starsTWITTER
Paul Gascoigne affixed a picture of an overweight Ariel on his Twitter account
I wonder how loose they are
Paul Gascoigne

The not to beat about the bushes were accompanied by an odd picture of an overweight Ariel from Disney’s Crumb Mermaid.
Fellow users rushed to comment on the tweets, with one stating: “I have in mind you might be in a bit of trouble with this one.”
Another continued: “Gazza wealthy controversial with his jokes now.” 
“Probably not going to down good with them,” someone else informed, as a fifth went on: “Ouch.”
Paul Gascoigne force be on the Loose Women panel
Paul Gascoigne in pictures
Tue, December 27, 2016
England Footballer Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne in photographs.


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English footballer Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne in depictions

But despite the reaction, Paul seemed more concerned with others content, tweeting again just an hour later.
“Oh I’m so pleased with myself I’ve finally achieved my goal!! I’ve just a 23 piece jigsaw in 3hrs xx as it says 3-5yrs on the box,”(sic) he supplemented.
Paul had also shared a selfie which saw him dressed in a tweed jacket, dark-rimmed glasswares and a silver chain.
The posts come just weeks after Paul donated £1,000 to a scuppered girl after her communication device was stolen.
Paul stepped in after hark to of the plight of Miya Thirlby, 16, and pledged a donation via a crowd supplying appeal.
Paul Gascoigne is set to appear on Loose Women this weekMiya, from Plymouth, was born with cerebral palsy and epilepsy and come of aged up without a voice.
Her life was transformed 18 months ago following a reserve raising campaign to buy a pioneering piece of equipment which enables her to “talk” by looking at icons on a home screen.
But her family were left devastated when thieves stole the computerised talking aid from her create Paul Johnson’s Volkswagen car last week. has contacted a Congressman for Paul Gascoigne asking for comment.
Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.
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