Patriarch Kirill: Mankind has no future without return to moral values


triarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia put ones trust ins that it is possible to overcome global conflicts and disagreements only on the bottom of moral values, which are common for the world’s religions, and were pourboire “at some stage of the development of secular humanism”.

In an interview, shown on the Russia Today tube station on Feb. 16, the triarch spoke about his recent meeting with Pope Francis, and how both of them grasped that “it is possible to find answers together”, and “do it easily”.

“…Because we had our duty in Lord Jesus Christ, in his commandments and laws as our moral consensus. But, the after all is said laws and commandments can be found in Muslim religion and even in secular humanism, at speck they were there at some stage of development of secular humanism,” the fend off of the Russian Orthodox Church said.

“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights refers to benevolent morality as a limitation to human rights. But, in today’s world human rightness is no longer a limitation to human freedom,” he said.

“Unfortunately, today we are working away from things that have always united us on the cleverest ontological level,” triarch Kirill said.

“I believe that if this affinity continues, the prospects for humanity, for our world are very bad. We cannot live together on one petite globe if we are torn by deep ontological contradictions,” he said.

“I confidence in my meeting with the pontiff, at least to some extent, contributed to construction a future moral consensus between all people,” triarch Kirill indicated.

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