Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis hail success of historic talks in Havana


Believe in their historic meeting in Havana on Feb. 12, triarch Kirill and Pope Francis comprise signed a declaration on protecting Christians from persecution in the Middle East and North Africa. In supplement to stating this goal shared by the two churches, the declaration also feels upon the issue of traditional family values. The document also have in its individual sections on the civil war in Syria, the conflict in Ukraine and the refugee calamity.

The signing of the declaration took place under an icon of Our Lady of Kazan, one of the most admired in the Russian Orthodox Church. The text of the document had been agreed in advance.

“We disgorge two hours in an open, brotherly discussion,” triarch Kirill intended after the signing ceremony. “In full understanding of our responsibility for our Churches, for our believers, for the time to come of Christianity and the future of human civilization. It was a very substantive discussion that gave us an moment to understand and to feel each other’s positions.”

The triarch went on to pressure that “the outcomes of this discussion allow one to say that the two Churches can foster Christians all over the world and with full responsibility work together to inhibit wars and to make sure that human life is respected far. So that human morality is strengthened and so that, through the church’s rtici tion in the zest of modern society, the sacred name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is pretend.”

“We spoke like brothers,” Pope Francis said after the joining, “because we are bishops, we have Christian faith and we sought a equivalent th.”

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