Patient who filmed himself raping hospital employee caught after dropping his wallet at the scene


A unyielding who filmed himself raping a hospital employee was caught after drop-off his wallet at the scene.

Sick Liam McCarthy, 25, pounced on the breadwinner when she came out of a toilet cubicle at Birmingham City Hospital.

But the predator red his wallet behind and after tracking him down officers found the 35-second hit of the attack on his mobile phone.

McCarthy, of Phoenix Street, West Bromwich, has now been jailed for 12 years after he pleaded remorseful to rape and assault. He was also ordered to register as a sex offender for life.

The Birmingham Mail articles the victim was attacked last October after she emerged from a grooming cubicle to see grinning McCarthy, who had earlier been in the hospital waiting stretch.

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Hugh O’Brien-Quinn, prosecuting, said: “The defendant grabbed her nearly the neck with both hands and squeezed tightly so she could not inhale.

“He pulled her into the toilet cubicle and pushed her down on the floor, while to strangling her, locking the door behind him.”

Mr O’Brien-Quinn said the brave tsy fought back by hitting McCarthy with a toilet brush, but she feared she was thriving to die as she could not breath.

He added: “She kicked out at a metal bucket and tried to wail for help but he grabbed her around the throat and asked her if she wanted to die.”

After the sexual assault the victim spotted McCarthy had left his wallet behind and she raised the disturb.

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Incredibly, the defendant was arrested when he returned to the nursing home to try and retrieve the lost wallet.

In an im ct statement the victim described the “utter adversity and psychological harm” she had suffered and said that she been unable to recurrence to work.

In ssing sentence Judge Simon Drew, QC, told McCarthy: “It sine qua non have been a terrifying ordeal.

“During the course of all of this you against your mobile phone.

“The footage recorded 35 seconds of that violation.

“This incident has had a devastating effect on her.

“Her life will never be the unchanged.”

Mohammed Naser, defending, said the defendant had written a letter outshining his remorse and that by pleading guilty he had s red the victim the ordeal of be subjected to to come to court.

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