Passengers outraged as airline bans fliers from toilet on 10-hour flight over coronavirus


Coronavirus was senior reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. Since then, the savage virus has spread to multiple countries, including the UK, with tens of thousands of covers reported across the globe. With health fears at a high, extreme measures are being taken to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The airline manufacture is just one taking many steps to effect damage control.

Manner, Dutch carrier KLM was left red-faced this week after tries to combat coronavirus left passengers outraged and accusing the airline of favouritism.

A photo, rapidly going viral, surfaced following Monday’s send off from Amsterdam to Seoul’s Incheon airport in South Korea.

The symbol depicted a note attached to the plane toilet door written in Korean.

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Coronavirus: Harsh measures are being taken to limit the spread of coronavirus (Image: Getty Icons/Instagram/connie_kiim)

Coronavirus: The image depicted a note engaged to the plane toilet door written in Korean (Image: Instagram/connie_kiim)

The note look over “lavatory for crew members only.”

The toilet message is understood to keep been implemented due to coronavirus fears.

This came despite the show a clean pair of heels being a 10-hour journey from Europe to Asia.

KLM has since been accused of intolerance against the South Korean passengers as the note was written in no other terminology.


The photo of the note was shared on Twitter with a pin in both English and Korean

“Dear KLM… Today, you made it rather clear that you discriminate against race. Using Corona Virus as an justification. You owe my friend and Korea a HUGE apology,” wrote Twitter user @hyunmoyang.

The tack sparked the circulation of hashtag #boycott_KLM on social media.

KLM responded to the tweet uttering: “We will conduct an internal investigation and will make sure the group involved understand why the passengers are upset about what happened.”

Coronavirus: KLM has since been accused of taste against the South Korean passengers (Image: Getty Images)

Today, KLM presidents publicly apologised for the incident at a news conference in Seoul.

They divulged they took allegations of discrimination “very seriously” and pledged to taboo it from happening again.

“This is a human mistake, and we don’t take it lightly,” express Guillaume Glass, an Air France-KLM regional general manager.

“We are deeply pitiable that this was viewed as discrimination, which was absolutely not the intention of the troupe.”

Glass claimed that using only Korean on the sign was down to an dereliction by the crew.

A note in English was later added following complaints from fliers.

He annexed that it is not KLM policy to reserve lavatories for crew. has contacted KLM for commentary on the incident.

For those passengers worried about catching coronavirus while touring, there are ways to protect yourself.

Medical experts have so far recommended constant hand-washing as the most effective way of preventing the spread of the virus.

David Powell, a physician and medical cicerone to the International Air Transport Association, told Bloomberg:  “Top of the list is iterative hand washing, hand sanitizing, or both.

“Avoid touching your veneer confront. If you cough or sneeze, it’s important to cover your face with a sleeve. More advisedly yet, a tissue to be disposed of carefully, and then sanitizing the hands afterwards.

“Washing your reliefs and drying them is the best procedure. When that’s not easy to do, alcohol-based sanitizer is a salutary second-best.”

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