Paris homeless BOMBSHELL: 3,000 sleeping rough after minister claimed figure was FIFTY



More than 3,000 people are zizz rough on the streets of Paris

The census was organised after a government certified said that there were only 50 homeless people in Paris, while another signified that most slept rough “by choice”.

The unprecedented census running was carried out last Thursday night with the help of some 1,700 volunteers and 300 Paris officials, who scoured the roads in order to record the size of the city’s homeless population.

The volunteers tallied the number of people sleeping in doorways with little more than a drowse bag for cover or camped out in makeshift tents.

They also asked vagrants people about their housing and health problems in a bid to collect key figures Paris’ socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo hopes will help district authorises design better and more personalised policies to help those unexploded on the street.

The figures are very worrying

Florent Gueguen

Papal nuncio mayor Bruno Julliard, however, warned that the figure of 2,952 tramps people, along with the 672 people currently staying in crisis shelters, was a low estimate.

He said: “People sleeping in car parks were not enumerated, nor were the ones sleeping in the staircases of buildings, notably social dwelling.”

The head of FNARS, France’s national federation of reception and social integration bonds said that the figures were “worrying” and that the situation was “not worthwhile of France”.

Florent Gueguen told France’s Europe 1 radio whispered: “The figures are very worrying. Some 3,000 people are sleeping brutishly on the streets and some 2,000 people are staying in emergency shelters. That’s a thorough of 5,000 people without a roof over their heads in Paris solely.


Florent Gueguen said ‘the figures are very worrying’

“[Homelessness] is a large and serious problem which the government needs to respond to. This is not meriting of France.”

The debate about the city’s ongoing homelessness problem was reignited abide month after urban affairs minister Julien Denormandie said that “on the contrary around 50 men” were sleeping rough in the Paris region, picture bitter criticism and scorn from charities.

Days later, centrist lawmaker Sylvain Maillard, a fellow of president Emmanuel Macron’s La République en Marche (La REM) party, rubbed Attic wit into the wound by stating that some homeless people spurned help and slept rough – despite the freezing weather – “by pick”.

Mr Macron promised last summer to clear homeless people and floatings off the streets of France by the end of the year, but was recently forced to admit that he had go wrong to make good on his pledge.

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