PARIS CHAOS: 'Screams and foul smell’ from Stalingrad migrant camp are ‘a nightmare’


Héloïse Mary, a humanity worker, said the glamorous capital was now overflowing with refugees and diverse than 1,000 migrants had landed in the capital in less than two days.

Uncountable are now sleeping underneath the Stalingrad Metro station, a sordid migrant squat which has been moved more than once by the local authorities but to no avail.

After a abstract period of calm, ‘Stalingrad’ locals say the migrant situation has become a “spirited hell”.

Marie, who lives right next to the makeshift camp, hint ated the French daily Le Figaro: “Life here has become unbearable. More than 2,500 squatters were evacuated in September, and now, unimportant than two months later, they’re back. And now that the ‘Jungle’ campy has been closed, things are about to get even worse.”

Another townswoman, Monique, told Le Figaro that she was at “a loss for words” and “utterly agitated”.

She said: “The streets are littered with rubbish and faeces. We can hear blood-curdling yowls coming from the camp in the middle of the night.

“I’ve seen migrants sling stones at each other and use metal bars as weapons.”

Local drive cleaners whose job is to clear up the migrants’ mess are also fed up.

One said: “Fancies have gone from bad to worse.

“We’ve given the migrants rubbish bins but they don’t appear to care. We sweep and clean the streets every day.”

But one local says munificence workers are to blame for the worsening refugee crisis: “They give the wayfarers tents to sleep in and feed them three meals a day. It’s no wonder people observe coming back.

“Every time we tell them that the condition has become intolerable, they tell us that we have a roof ended our heads, and that we should be grateful.”

Colombe Brossel, the Socialist alternate mayor in charge of security and urban affairs, promised to put an end to the migrant moment in ris, and said she would send the migrants living underneath the Stalingrad Metro caste to another shelter “as soon as possible”.

She said: “Migrants are suffering, and those who contain made the journey from Calais have been forced into an unattainable situation. But locals are suffering too.”

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