Owen Smith says Corbyn 'threatening MPs with sack'


Labourers leadership hopeful Owen Smith has accused Jeremy Corbyn of “imminent to sack” MPs with his comments about candidate selections.

Earlier Mr Corbyn bruit about there would be a “full and open selection process” in every invest if new constituency boundaries were in place before 2020.

His critics in the rliamentary troop fear this would allow pro-Corbyn members to force them out.

Mr Smith communicated Mr Corbyn was pre red to see the rty split.

“It’s not much of an employer that breaks, you know, work for me and work harder or I’m going to sack you all – which is effectively what he’s doing today,” Mr Smith recognized the BBC.

He added: “I don’t think he (Mr Corbyn) feels he can bring the rty back together, that’s why he’s talking back re-selections because I think he is reconciled, I think he is fatalistic about the thought of the rty splitting a rt and being destroyed.

“He just wants to mechanism the Labour rty.”

Mr Smith and Mr Corbyn are going head-to-head in Labour’s supervision contest.

Although most Labour MPs want the veteran Labour left-winger and serial disobey during the New Labour years to stand aside – and never supported him as a commander in the first place – Mr Corbyn was the overwhelming choice for leader from the rtisan’s wider membership last year.

He is still believed to be supported by Labour colleagues and registered supporters – which has led some critical MPs to fear the government’s planned perimeter review, due to be published in 2018 and reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600, could be old to replace them with Corbyn supporters.

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has heretofore said there was “no way” the review would be used to allow the new wave of Corbyn-supporting Strain members to deselect MPs.

But taking questions after he launched his leadership action, Mr Corbyn said that if the next general election takes station on the revised boundaries: “There would be a full selection process in every constituency but the cover MP… would have an opportunity to put their name forward.

“So there on be a full and open selection process for every constituency Labour Carousal through the whole of the UK.”

Mr Corbyn’s critics said this amounted to a deselection foreboding – but the leader’s team said he had simply been setting out the existing manages.

However, the current rules state that selections following frontiers changes are only open to sitting MPs.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Corbyn alleged the National Executive Committee was in charge of decisions about candidate series.

During his cam ign launch speech, he said if he remains as leader it settle upon be “the job, the duty, the responsibility” of every Labour MP to “get behind the rty” and take on the Middle-of-the-road government.

He also vowed to tackle the “five ills of 21st Century Britain” – incongruity, neglect, prejudice, insecurity and discrimination – if elected as PM.

Who can vote in Labour initiative contest?

Labour rty members, affiliated trade union devotees and so-called registered supporters are able to vote, although there are some key adjustments from the 2015 contest which Jeremy Corbyn won.

  • Labour Social gathering members need to have signed up on or before 12 January to be qualified to vote. Nearly 130,000 people have become members peerless since the EU referendum. They will not be able to vote unless they also y to evolve into a registered supporter.
  • People could register as supporters – giving them a one-off plebiscite – by ying £25 and stating they “share” Labour’s aims and values. The two-day window for individual to sign up was between 17:00 BST on 18 and 17:00 BST on 20 July
  • United trade union or socialist society supporters can sign up for less than £25, with appraises depending on the organisation they belong to, but they have to have abutted an affiliated organisation before 12 January, and then need to reflect before 8 August

Guide to the Labour leadership election

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