Over the Pill? Facts About Nonhormonal Birth Control


Are you meditative about switching to an IUD after being on the pill? Wth the intrauterine device’s swell in popularity, you’re not the only one with questions about nonhormonal birth guide options.

Hormonal options range from the ring to the tch to the pharmaceutical, but what if you want to avoid the consequences, including mood swings, load gain, decreased sex drive, or other side effects? You’re in luck — strange methods of hormone-free birth control exist. And if you have health guaranty, almost all forms of birth control are free under the Affordable Provide for Act, aka “Obamacare.”

I’ve rounded up some basic info — including effectiveness rates and pros and cons — on a few different nonhormonal options that will let you enjoy freedom from pregnancy. If one or multifarious s rks your interest, talk to your gynecologist about whether it force work for you.

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