On the verge of DIVORCE? Holidays aimed at helping to save your marriage


Signing up for a earth-shaking ‘couples retreat in Malaysia may be a bit kinder on the bank balance than a se ration – but, it doesn’t come cheap. Nevertheless, Health and Fitness Travel, a expert holiday com ny say that troubled couples who don’t want to give up on their relationship are opting for what could be proper known as a ‘save-cation’.

Their ‘relationship rejuvenation’ trip to Malaysia is been invoiced as an attempt to help rekindle the s rk that once bound you together.

And no, it’s NOT hold back by the pool for a week contemplating how terrible everything’s become.

Instead, it’s an opening to learn a new skill together – with the chance to talk honestly in the matter of your issues during formalised relationship counselling sessions.

So, if you’re up to learn something new – from trekking in a rainforest to yoga – while stressful to improve your relationship, here’s a taster of a selection of some of the flounders on offer

Relationship Rejuvenation in Malaysia:

Nestled in the exotic Malaysian causes of a 150-year-old tropical rainforest, this rejuvenation holiday is devised for couples “seeking to boost their mind, body and soul drag relatives”. During the seven-night, (eight-day) trip, the holiday is tailored around each twosome’s needs. Activities on offer include an exciting trip into the rainforest on horseback get even for

through to a relaxing yoga classes. In between, there are special counselling conferences aimed at helping couples to reconnect plus, plenty of massage and relaxtion sessions.

It all sounds to be about spending quality time as a couple, together with intimate training sessions to help “catalyse that feel good go-between, rejuvenate yourselves and your relationship” in a stunning Malaysian setting.

Evaluation for The Chateau Couples Wellness Rejuvenation holiday costs from £2,975 each – that’s practically £6,000 per couple. It includes full board, a wellness programme, carry back flights and transfers.

If it helps, it could turn out to be a lot cheaper than a divide. Solicitor’s costs for a ‘friendly’ collaborative divorce are likely to set you back to £200 an hour – plus court costs. That’s not to mention possessing to move from one home into two, and the long-term stress on all the family.

Fine points for the trip from Healthand Fitness Travel, tel: 0203 397 8891 healthandfitnesstravel.com

Confining and Mindfulness in Ibiza:

Work yourself into a sweat, without train at each other,at The Body Camp.

This one’s the save-cation for active fours. It’s a chance to sweat, laugh and repeat as you work on yourselves and work out your results on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. With a carefully crafted fitness organize combining everything from boxing to yoga, you’ll be able to release any make ones blood boil during active group sessions in the great outdoors, before modifying that energy into something positive with yoga and mindfulness coaching.

Dig periods of reflection during silent short walks and create something new together during the work a dish workshop. Finish off your days with reviving s treatments and cinema nights to get any couple cuddling up close.Seven nights at The Body Bivouac from £3,630 per couple (£1,815 each).

Price includes entire board, a wellness programme, return flights and transfers. Tel: 0203 397 8891 http://healthandfitnesstravel.com/

Re-connecting in Thailand:

Skirmished couples looking to re-connect, can escape to Amatara luxury destination s . Appreciate sweeping views across the Andaman Sea on the radise island of Phuket in Thailand. Concentrate on reviving your connection through a series of healing arts and undertakings, take rt in a workshop where you will learn to massage each other and use cause to increase your bond.

Tune in to each other during rceled cooking classes, fitness sessions and additional s treatments with a Thai and Ayurvedic on, to enliven the body and return home a healthier and happier couple.

Valuation£5,690 per couple for a seven-night break (2,845pp). Price includes intense board, a wellness programme, return flights and transfers.

Tel: Health and Fine fettle Travel on 0203 397 8891.

Hiking in India’s Himalayas:

Adventure out together during three personalised orient treks in India’s mountain foothills for a shared once-in-a-lifetime experience. Relieving and calming s treatments follow on from personal yoga sessions.

Together with rticular fitness, bootcamp and aqua fitness sessions, it’s a chance for couples to rescue body confidence and rediscover your attraction for one another. Seven end of days at Ananda in the Himalayas from £6,530 per couple, (£3,265pp).

Price registers full board, a wellness programme, return flights and transfers. Numerous details from Tel: 0203 397 8891.http://healthandfitnesstravel.com/

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