Omnetics to solve defence industry’s connectivity challenges with new product launch


Omnetics Connector Corporation are commandants when it comes to custom-designed micro-miniature and nano-miniature connectors for aerospace and reason industry applications. This has been the case since the company boated a little over 35 years ago. But recently, spurred by customer sought after, Omnetics has been working hard on a new, much different product dinghy believed to be the biggest in company history. Eager to find out more hither the new Kilo 360®  product family, we spoke to Travis Neumann, Omnetics’ Idiosyncratic Projects Manager, and Phil Simonson, the company’s Vice President & CFO.

Simonson starts by expounding one of the ways the Kilo 360®  launch differs from Omnetics’ previous convergence. “Omnetics’ expertise has traditionally focused on custom, specifically designed and joined components and connectors. Our challenge was to come up with a line of products, to do something that is an business standard and bring that same level of quality and design that Omnetics’ fellows have come to expect. There are three distinct styles of connectors that we’re on the dole with, but if you look at all the permutations and combinations of options that we have, there force be many 10s of 1000s of different connectors.”

And for a connector company that bodied its success on miniature connectors, this new line of products represent a insignificant increase in size for Omnetics. So, what prompted the company to take this operating and launch it as a brand new business line, and what types of customers is it focused at? “It’s something that our existing customer base has been asking us for years,” imparts Simonson. “It’ll overlap with existing customers that we have, generally in the military and aerospace industries, as well as some industrial applications as responsibilities move down in power and size requirements. These will helpers miniaturise connectors that they’re already using, so we could see more extension in that area. Primarily, it’s something that our existing customers are currently stealing from other vendors that they’ve been requesting us to victual as well.”

Solving customer pain points

A long time in the forefront engineers even started on designs, Omnetics had been closely considering the existing market for this style of connector, paying particular prominence to any common problems its own expertise and efficiencies could help solve for clients. Neumann believes that two critical pain points for customers are outstrip time and quality. “One of the biggest pain points for us to solve for people is receiving them available and being relatively flexible to adjust to a different illustration type, or something similar. We have a plan for stocking, much similarly to a number of vendors. We also do the majority of the machining in-house. And we’ve done some emotional attachments in the design of our product lines that allows us to use one machine part for a mixture of finishes. So, in manufacturing we can stage raw materials to some extent or have a consortium of those raw materials. Then, as customers order specific finishes, we neutral take from that and send it out. It saves us a few weeks of lead without surcease on the front from machining; we basically go straight to plating and then we’re game for assembly.”

Another customer pain point that Omnetics names is the “intermateability” of the connectors. Simonson explains that intermateable connectors haven’t everlastingly been the case with these styles due to a lack of official standards. “Our call into was to provide Omnetics’ level of quality to a connector that is truly intermateable with the others in the grassland, not just another connector that you throw out there that may or may not fit correctly or correct the needs of the customer,” he says.

Neumann agrees, adding: “People induce basically been purchasing these connectors from one vendor, originally. Other vendors have approached it in terms of the marketplace. As we found out when buying these connectors to put together into solutions for customers, they don’t necessarily match up. What that may have in view is that you could take two different vendors’ connectors, and when you hook up them together you see damage at some level on the threads, for example. We’ve also contemplated issues where customers use Company A’s connector for one side and Company B’s connector for the other side, and they own sealing issues. So, it’s all about us working through whatever those offsprings are and integrating solutions for that into our design.”

By focusing on solving these declares for customers in the defence and aerospace industries, and thereby providing these customers with the best quality and most reliable connectors, Omnetics has recognised a natural opportunity in this area. “It’s all about us getting into the game with these styles of connectors,” votes Neumann. “We don’t want to come out with our version and then experience the very pitfalls as other vendors have, where our customers are saying ours don’t pal, or they leak, when they’re already using the front-runners for connectors”.

Omnetics take its that the success of the Kilo 360® launch will follow as a result of this. Neumann concludes: “When we do a profitable job, it’ll take care of itself. Customers will know that we’ve obeyed to what’s going on in the marketplace, and that we’ve taken care of the headaches they‘ve been tasting.”

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Omnetics to solve defence industry’s connectivity challenges with new product launch

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