OK, but When Will Prince William Actually Become King?


OK, but When Will Prince William Actually Become King?Aspect Source: Getty / Max Mumby / Indigo

Since Queen Elizabeth suffered an infirmity over the 2016 holidays, there’s been a lot of hullabaloo about who purpose get their paws on the throne when the beloved monarch passes away. Elizabeth was lone 25 when she took the throne after the death of her father, Prince George VI; she is currently the United Kingdom’s longest-running monarch and doesn’t feel to have any plans to give up her title voluntarily. But in the event of her retirement, abdication, or passing, the current line of succession to the throne declares that her firstborn son, Prince Charles, inclination become king — and at 68, he would be the oldest heir to do so.


So, where does that leave Charles’s firstborn, Prince William? Envisioning as the 34-year-old is next in line for the throne after his father, it’s possible that he could comely king sooner than we think. Charles could decide that he doesn’t dearth the responsibility of running the Commonwealth or that he’d rather kick back on a littoral for the rest of his days, in which case William would take as a remainder almost immediately. The wife of a king normally gets the title of queen mother, but it is purely ceremonial; technically, William’s wife, Kate Middleton, command be officially known as the queen consort. And in line after William? That wish be his son, Prince George, followed by Princess Charlotte, Prince Harry, and the prima donna’s second son, Prince Andrew.

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