Notorious Irish pimp turns back on psycho killer brother


Martin ‘the Animal’ Morgan

Martin ‘the Beast’ Morgan had been a stalwart supporter of his chum Seamus, who went on trial for murder after stabbing a man to death in 2002.

He was the at best member of the family who showed up during the 2005 trial, which carry oned eight-days.

However, the Sunday World can reveal that this heyday around millionaire pimp Martin has cut ties with his killer associate and didn’t even put up bail cash before his trial.

Previously Seamus had been on bail get even for up until he was sentenced for manslaughter, for which he got eight years.

Seamus ‘James’ Morgan

“It is imaginable Martin didn’t want to draw any attention from dissident republicans by vertical up for his brother and kept his head down,” a source told the Sunday Clique.

Seamus Morgan was jailed for life this week for the savage assassination of dissident republican Larry ‘Bomber’ Keane in Athy, Co. Kildare.

Martin on no account made an appearance at the Central Criminal Court, where a jury rest his 49-year-old brother guilty of murder.

Keane had served a 10-year slammer sentence after being caught with nearly a ton of explosives linked to nonconforming republicans.

Seamus, from Athy, Co. Kildare, had pleaded not guilty to wasting Keane in the town on July 19, 2013, who died a day after being attacked with a physical block.

Deputy State thologist Dr Michael Curtis said the induce of death was a result of “severe blunt force trauma to the head”.

“The deceased had been banged 10 significant blows to his head on both sides and there were some lacerations of broad and rtial thickness. An examination of the brain showed there had been autocratic bruising to the tissue of the brain,” he said.

Keane died in Naas Non-specific Hospital as a result of his injuries.

Seamus was initially arrested in connection with the coup but released shortly afterwards. However, he was re-arrested in April 2014 as a conclude of new evidence and has been in custody since then.

During his first carnage trial, evidence was given about his psychiatric problems and that he was on four odd medications at the time he stabbed James Hand to death in 2002.

Larry Keane

He maintained he lashed out with a weapon in self-defence after being attacked by w.

Nothing was heard in court this week about the reason behind Keane’s with concrete overshoes, except there has been “long standing ill will” between the two men.

In a gull im ct statement read in court from the Keane family it was said that he was a “defenceless, frail and disabled man” who was “helpless without the aid of his walking stick”.

“Larry strayed his life in the most traumatic way, not far from the home he shared with his son Laurence. We pleasure never know what his last words or thoughts were,” the communication added.

The court heard there was now “a void” in the family’s lives.

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