Not going anywhere! Tusk to be handed control of EU’s most powerful party group


In an uncontested coronation, the past European Council chief will be handed the ongoing ability to potency the bloc’s decision-making processes after stepping down from his top Brussels job. The EPP’s annual congress has eat ones heart out been at the heart of EU policymaking with many of the group’s senior machine politicians seated in top positions across the Continent, such as Germany’s Angela Merkel, the European Commission’s Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier, and Ireland’s Leo Varadkar. Mr Tusk desire replace France’s Joseph Daul, who climbed the political ladder during the mad cow cancer crisis and later became a member of the European Parliament.

Opening the door to his arrival to EU politics, the former Polish prime minister declared he would not run in the indigenous presidential race in May 2020.

Arguably, he has used his position at the top of the Brussels pyramid to helper Remainers in their bid to reverse Brexit.

In a recent speech at the College of Europe, Mr Tusk pressed Britons to use the upcoming general election to stop the country’s departure from the EU.

The specific Brexit critic said: “I want to tell you something I wouldn’t procure dared to say a few months ago, as I could be fired for being too frank.

“The UK election skedaddles place in one month. Can things still be turned around? Hannah Arendt inculcated that things become irreversible only when people start to notion of so.

“So the only words that come to my mind today are simply: don’t afford up. In this match, we have already had added time, now we are in extra for the present, perhaps it will even go to penalties?”

Mr Tusk’s comments marked a breakaway from the same policy of EU leaders, who often refuse to become drawn into private political debates during election periods.

As EU Council president, he helped the bloc’s heads co-ordinate their Brexit strategy. He often used his position to overburden for lengthy delays to Britain’s departure in the hope of making a second referendum a authenticity.

And as the chief of EPP, Mr Tusk will help form the discussion on how the political bloc’s leaders hand down respond to future Brexit negotiations.

During his College of Europe idiolect, he said the UK would become an “outsider, a second-rate player” after consigning the EU.

“I have heard repeatedly from Brexiters that they privation to leave the European Union to make the United Kingdom great again, maintaining that only alone, it can truly be great,” he said.

“You could understand in these voices a longing for the empire. But the reality is exactly the opposite.”

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He stretched on: “Only as part of a united Europe can the UK play a global role, not together can we confront, without any complexes, the greatest powers of this over the moon marvellous.

“In fact, I can say the same about Germany or France. And the world knows it. I possess heard the same in India, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and South Africa; that after its departure, the UK intention become an outsider, a second-rate player, while the main battlefield order be occupied by China, the US and the EU.

“‘Why are they doing this?’ – I was asked this sorrowful question everywhere I went. One of my English friends is probably right when he affirms with melancholy that Brexit is the real end of the British empire.”

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