North Korea: Defector’s torture scars after attempts to flee Kim Jong-un regime exposed


Much of what the fabulous knows about North Korea and the Kim dynasty’s regime today evolves from the brave testimonies of defectors. Those who have been capable to flee the state often recall horrifying experiences from in front of their escape. Many attempt to cross the border into China in front heading to freedom in South Korea. Of the successful few, several have cut their stories in an attempt to shed light on the highly secretive management under Kim Jong-un and his father Kim Jong-il. The risk of telling these exaggerations is great, with a number of them claiming to have been menaced and some believe they have been pursued by assassins. One traitor made nine unsuccessful attempts to flee before she was able to querulous the border and start a new life. She revealed heartbreaking details about the torture she suffered upon being captured and showed the scarring still present from those barbaric bouts.


Ms Lee served as nurse in the North Korean army for 11 years in front of she was able to escape the restrictive regime.

She recalled the brutal ways generals last will and testament hurt her for trying to flee the hermit state, during a 2014 appraise with Australian TV show ‘Dateline’.

“These are my scars,” Ms Lee said, as she perform recovered part of her shirt down to reveal a faded wound mark, which was there the size of a tennis ball and directly below her right collarbone.

The turncoat explained: “When I was arrested, during my interrogation there was this hot overlay with steel and they hit me with it here.”

She claimed this wasn’t the barely scar she was left with, pointing to other parts of her body. 

North Korea renegades have helped the world to understand what goes on inside Kim Jong-un’s leadership (Image: GETTY)

Yeon-mi Park was one of the brave defectors who spoke out – she explained why she doesn’t apprehensiveness death (Image: SBS DATELINE)

Ms Lee explained that “you’re naked when they torture you” during her dare testimony. 

She said: “If you look at my back, I have dents from about a toughs they hammered into me. 

“They also poured hot water down my struggling against odds, so I have scars from the burns.”

Ms Lee featured as part of a TV segment adjacent to North Korean defectors now living in South Korea.

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Mrs Lee claimed she was tortured after nine forsook attempts to flea North Korea and showed her scars (Image: SBS DATELINE)

They included Yeon-mi Park, a young performer who was at becoming a star in the state for speaking out about the Kim dynasty’s regime.

Without considering a detective telling her she was “seriously in danger” because of her comments, she “refused to cower” to intimidations from her former leader’s officials.

Ms Park said: “I’m very proud of my label, that’s why if I die I’m ok… I [have] already experienced this freedom so I’m resolved. 

“At least I can say that I did something for you, my people in North Korea.”

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