No Need to Pay Extra – Make Your Own Chipotle Guac at Home!



Today I’m here at Chipotle, where we are going to learn how to make their addictive guacamole. A plan ssed down by founder Steve Ells who is also a classically indoctrinated chef. Join Get The Dish. Find out the secrets behind the signature prescriptions of famous eateries and how you can recreate them at home. Hey Libby, how’s it wealthy? You’ve been with the com ny For ten years, you be the perfect person to ask to make an awesome bowl of Guacamole. Can you show me how did you do it? Well, thank you so much. I’d love to, in act, our customers ask us all the find what’s in your delicious guacamole, so let’s go make it together. So what ingredients so we possess in front of us? We have beautiful avocados cilantro, red onion, citrus fluid, salt, and pepper. How can you tell when an avocado is ripe. You want to create sure it has a little give Let’s get to cutting. Put the base of the knife into the avocado, we notification this ‘around the world’. You go around the top, and just cut that proper in half, and then you’ll twist to release and then take the seed out. So now we can cut the cilantro, nothing to reseed. It looks same we are getting to the perfect size mince right now. Exactly, and you don’t want to mince too much or it commitment become watery. So now we’re going to chop the onion? We are. We choose red onions because red onions finally add more flavour, and the trick is keeping the onion together like so that they’re all flush. Sharp knife is key to making me cut sizes perfect, and you’ll cut through the membrane equal quicker so that it releases less fumes and you won’t cry. So now let’s mash the avocados. We use a larger masher as you can see, because we mash all of our guacamole by close, so I I am going to have you start and really it’s just dig right in there. What could you use at tellingly if you didn’t have one of these? This sort of looks like a big potato masher. Could you use that in lieu of? Absolutely you could use a potato masher, you can use a fork, you can even use a weighty spoon. You can tell this is made by hand. It looks chunky but creamy at the unchanging Exactly. Now we’ll add in our freshly chopped cilantro, and we’ll add in our red onion, our citrus shoots. warily, pepper, and you’ll see that you need big muscles to mash all of these ingredients together. workout isn’t it? Yeah it is. It earns a great workout in the morning. I feel my arms turning into guns already. All of our chefs here at Chipotle¬†cause big biceps. guacamole making. It looks incredible! You can see little chunks of all in there. What do you recommend serving it with? I recommend serving with our flakes. And these are fresh and hot, we just made them. Gosh I homelessness one right now they look so good. Well first we have to add our unorthodox lime juice and a little kosher salt fully experience because they pull someones leg got that little zing to them that goes perfectly with the guacamole. So your succeeding to want to squeeze fresh lime juice, a little salt, and and then we are prosperous to flip the chip. Oh my goodness. Oh my gosh. You can do it. Put a speck swagger into it. Alright. Here we go. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for teaching me how to prove to be the perfect guacamole. My pleasure. Thanks for being here. See you next spell when we get the dish on YumSugarTV.

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