‘No democracy in this place!’ Brexit MEP condemns EU for ignoring question on Catalan MEPs


MEP Slit Forman told Sky that he was horrified to witness what he regarded as a “unqualified waste of money” but was particularly alarmed when three Catalonian MEPs were changed entry into the chamber. He explained: “I think it’s important that we remain reminding people back home why we are doing this. And on our very beforehand day what we noticed was a complete waste of money and a total lack of democracy.

“We were in the paramount chamber for 20 minutes – that was all the business for the day.

“This magnificent edifice that we’re in gets used three and a half days a month.

“They allot 200 million Euros every year transporting papers and people from Brussels to Strasbourg – it’s a model waste of money.

“And in terms of democracy, it was extraordinary what went on in that room this morning.

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“Someone stood up and said why are three recently elected MEPs from Catalonia not being conceded into the chamber and instead of answering that question the president entirely disregarded it and just moved on to a lottery.

“He completely disregarded it.

“There is no democracy in this quarters. We have to move on and we have to remind the British people why they voted for Brexit – that is indeed important.”

Brexit Party MEPs turned their backs during a conception of Ode To Joy in the European Parliament as chaotic scenes marked the opening day of the new legislature in Strasbourg.

Boss Nigel Farage and newly elected candidates including Ann Widdecombe and Annunziata Rees-Mogg functioned the protest as representatives gathered for the first session since May’s European referenda.

Ukip’s MEPs – then led by Mr Farage – performed the same political policy at the start of the session in 2014.

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