Nigel Farage pledges to fight ‘like crazy’ to deliver Brexit – ‘Not good little boys’


Blanket election 2019: Boris Johnson rejected offers of help from the Brexit Body (Image: SKY NEWS)

“What we are going to do with this election is, we’ll degrade him at his word, but we will hold him to his word.”

Pollster Matt Singh make one thought Mr Johnson will only benefit from an increase of three to four homes after Nigel Farage announced he would stand down 317 runners.

Mr Singh said: “This is good for the Conservatives at titre margin but the expanse of its impact is very likely limited to a relatively small number of asses, and it’s primary impact is political.

“The direct electoral benefit to the Tories is truly much at the margin.


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General election 2019: The Brexit Faction is seeking to challenge Labour in Leave-voting areas in northern heartlands (Reification: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

“The places that matter are the Labour-held marginals, particularly the chestnuts that voted Leave, about which there is much confession.”

Mr Farage’s verdict however did not satisfy leading Tory donors, who are now trying to ensure that the Brexit Denomination withdraws its candidates in Labour marginal seats, where the Tories constitute the fastest challengers.

Millionaire Arron Banks, a close confidant of Mr Farage, summed his voice to calls for the Brexit Party to stand down more applicants in favour of the Tories.

Mr Banks claimed that the only way to save Brexit was to secure a Tory majority on December 12.

Mr Banks said: “Brexit is under commination – we need to see further moves to stand down candidates in marginal incumbencies they can’t win and go for the 40 or so Labour seats where the Tories haven’t got a trust.”

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