Nick Ferrari points out real problem with Sir Kim Darroch leak – ‘Impossible to fathom’


Sir Kim Darroch, the UK’s legate to the US, resigned after memos in which he called Labour MP shamed after quoting Stormzy Boris lyrics [VIDEO]
Andrew Neil scoffs at columnist who epithets Boris a ‘clown’ [VIDEO]

Sir Kim resigns: Nick Ferrari mutated the comments on Sky News’ The Pledge (Image: Sky News The Pledge)

“I am grateful to all those in the UK and the US, who keep offered their support during this difficult few days. This has allured home to me the depth of friendship and close ties between our two countries. I get been deeply touched.

“I am also grateful to all those with whom I bear worked over the last four decades, particularly my team here in the US. The professionalism and rectitude of the British civil service is the envy of the world. I will leave it unobscured of confidence that its values remain in safe hands.”

Before the renunciation, Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, told MPs he had take down to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick to “ask that a criminal interrogation also be opened into the leak”.

Boris Johnson described Sir Kim as a “excellent diplomat and I worked with him for many years”. He said: “I think whoever leaked his diptels deep down has done a grave disservice to our civil servants, to people who give fair advice to ministers.

“I hope that whoever it is, is run down, caught and eviscerated, noticeably frankly, because it is not right that advice to ministers that courteous servants must be able to make in a spirit of freedom should be leaked. It is not lucid that civil servants’ careers and prospects should be dragged into the public agenda.”

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