New space exploration funding platform launched in Switzerland


A new stretch platform that will enable democratised space exploration has been organized at World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Set to function as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) with critical leadership component, the space platform will allow people to pick and support space exploration projects.

The Spacebit Foundation has been wrapped up in the development of a system that will allow small enterprises and being to utilise the advancement of launch technology and satellite platforms.

“Spacebit pass on allow collective ownership of projects, creating exciting opportunities to entirely invest in space technologies.”

It aims to democratise space exploration where all can participate without the restrictions of state or national sponsorship.

Under incident for the last five years, the programme has already received support from different sections.

Launched by Spacebit founder Pavlo Tanasyuk with the strengthen of Hub Culture, the new platform will support future space missions with the staff of cryptocurrency.

Tanasyuk said: “The future of space exploration is currently reliant on sways and commercial investors. However, with available public money for lapse exploration on an inevitable decline, we are looking to involve individual, private stakeholders to behoove the new space pioneers.

“We believe that technologies like blockchain, which powers cryptocurrency, and a new good of crowdfunding is the future of space exploration.

“Spacebit will allow collective ownership of launches, creating exciting opportunities to directly invest in space technologies.”

The coterie is expected to complete the development of the space funding platform that intention facilitate global participation and support future space missions.

After sling the satellite, Spacebit intends to investigate Moon lava caves and deploy a summarize on the back side of the Moon using a rover.

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