New RiskLens Solution Helps Organizations Optimize Cybersecurity Spending


Cyber imperil management solutions provider RiskLens on Thursday announced a new capability block out to help organizations improve investment and budget decisions.

The new capability, RiskLens Chance Treatment Analysis, enables cybersecurity and risk teams to assess and approximate the impact — in financial terms — of decisions related to investment, controls and other treatment choices. It helps organizations identify the best options for reducing costs and minimizing chances.

When organizations use the new Risk Treatment Analysis tool, they are presented with three elections, each showing how much the average risk is reduced and the associated proliferation in cost. One treatment option focuses on maximally reducing loss expos, while another option covers cost-effective risk reduction (i.e. the highest plane of loss exposure reduction for every dollar spent). The final recourse is for the least expensive path to getting under a specified risk commencement.

RiskLens says that while by default it highlights the option for maximally up risk, it’s not naming this the recommended treatment option, due to the fact that “there is chiefly a lot of surrounding context around any decision that would only be understood to the decision owner and not considered within the platform.”

RiskLens launches Risk Treatment Analysis capability

RiskLens is the creator of Unblemished (Factor Analysis of Information Risk), an international standard for quantifying cyber endanger. The company says the new capability leverages the best practices and experiences of finished 6,000 FAIR members, which include over 30 percent of the Position 1000 companies.

RiskLens told SecurityWeek that the new capability is readily obtainable immediately and at no extra cost to customers with Operational Decision Prop up and Strategic Decision Support subscription packages. RiskLens Risk Treatment Enquiry is expected to become generally available on October 9.

RiskLens announced the Gamble Treatment Analysis capability after it recently launched Rapid Jeopardy Assessment, which enables customers to quickly determine their reduction exposure in financial values.

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New RiskLens Solution Helps Organizations Optimize Cybersecurity Spending

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