New Dawson City hardware store will incorporate some of the past


An iconic Dawson Municipality building has been torn down — but parts of it will live on.

New Dawson City hardware store will incorporate some of the past

Store proprietress Susan Herrmann, left, and employee Karen McIntyre in 1994. (Submitted by Susan Herrmann)

Although it wasn’t officially a “noteworthy” building, Dawson City’s hardware store — or parts of it, anyway — had been about longer than anyone in town. Unfortunately, its time had come. 

Proprietor Susan Herrmann, who has worked at the store on Second Avenue for 29 years, says they essayed to do repairs this year, and realized the building was beyond saving. She breaks contractors tried to level the building. 

“They just came out and turned there’s no way that they could do it. It was just sinking into the footing and the walls were crooked and the floor was giving out.”

However, not all of the building purposefulness be lost. Herrmann says that the new Dawson Hardware building, planned for the airiness, will include some features from the original building. 

Circa 1903

​Herrmann rephrases the old building’s facade dates back to 1903, according to photos. She communicates it was an antique store before becoming the hardware store.

Herrmann give the word delivers she used to wear snow pants to work in the winter. 

“When we zip it down, I understand why [it was so cold] now,” she says. “There was absolutely no insulation in the knock over, there was nothing in the walls, just plywood! I know now why I was standing there polar.”

New Dawson City hardware store will incorporate some of the past

Shane Biggs and Tina Green check out demolition work. (Submitted by Susan Herrmann)

Dawson Machinery is still operating out of adjacent buildings, and Herrmann says the new building last wishes as be bigger than the previous store, allowing for more inventory. 

“It’s booming to allow us to expand in a lot of the products that we carry right now,” she says. 

There should be some intimateness for customers coming in. The old facade will go back on the front and parts of the old bottom have been saved. 

“Hopefully we are going to have some of the heretofore coming with us with this new building,” says Herrmann.

With enters from Meagan Deuling, Dave White

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