Network Rail launches competition for in-station exhibition concept


A budget of £12,000, grouping a £4,000 fee, is being offered for the winning design of the Curating Concourses contest.

The London Festival of Architecture (LFA) and Network Criticize have launched an open call competition for a reusable exhibition plan concept.

The winning design of the Curating Concourses competition is to be installed at London Euston Level during the June 2021 LFA event.

An award of £12,000, including a £4,000 delineate fee, is on offer for the winner.

“Stations by their nature are egalitarian”

The winning intend concept will need to be reusable, with entrants encouraged to cover modular elements that could allow their prototype to be relocated to other train stations for tomorrow exhibitions.

In this first instance, the London Euston Station exposition will showcase Network Rail’s Design Guidance Series – a set of up to 29 documents highlighting the organisation’s “commitment to quality design” – but subsequent applications could be broad.

According to the LFA and Network Rail, the competition have designs ons to “test the nature and future of creative and cultural exhibitions on railway spots”. The brief itself considers this as an opportunity to rethink the “unused or leftover seat in stations for learning and engagement”.

“Stations are an ideal venue for exhibiting original and cultural works because of their democratic nature,” explains the curtailed. “Museums might have problems bringing a broad range of bund through their doors, but stations, by their nature are egalitarian.”

“Atmospheres of surprise”

The winning design will also encourage passengers and county people to use the station in different ways, the brief says, by including “parts of surprise”.

Network Rail and the LFA are keen, however, to ensure the concept be lefts functional for visitors and is not “purely sculptural”. Nor should it stray so far from the extract briefly so as to become a full “pavilion or folly”.

An exact area for the month-long demonstration at London Euston Station will be confirmed with station bosses at the shortlisting stage of the competition, but designers should be sure their concept does not exceed 9m2.

As has been the case with all exhibitions since the start of the pandemic, originators will need to consider how visitors can engage with content in a Covid-secure way.

Alongside the demo concept itself, Network Rail and the LFA will also invite the champion of the competition to work with them to produce the content for the London Euston Instal showcase. Network Rail’s Design Guide Series – the subject of the start exhibition – includes information on wayfinding, branding and audio and visual statistics exploring trends in station and footbridge design.

Competition details

The striving is open to emerging architects, designers, artists and curators, with notes from outside of London encouraged.

Entries will be judged by a panel with a £500 emolument awarded to the shortlisted individuals or practices invited to develop a concept at the subscribe to stage of the process.

The winning team will be announced in April, and the scheme will be installed in June to coincide with the LFA.

For more information, chairlady here.

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