Nestlé faces backlash over plant-based range as farmers claim ‘it won’t be sustainable’


Huddle, who makes chocolate like Milkybar, Smarties as well as KitKat and Aero, is the world’s largest producer of dairy products. The company works with hundreds of thousands of husbandmen around the world with millions of cows who provide the milk for its confectionery. News about the new plant-based range has caused outrage amongst livestock smallholders.The chief executive added: “Some consumers are willing to pay a premium now for products that pave the way for that.”However, livestock farmers have told their concerns about the plant-based alternatives, with some not convinced it will be more sustainable.Conwy hill farmer Gareth Wyn Jones, who has a magnanimous social media following, said he would not be supporting the company this Christmas.He said: “I will not be buying Quality streets this Christmas, or any spell.”One user, Kim Jordan, wrote: “According to the boss they’ll be more expensive?! What is that about?”Another person, Adam Rigg, bid: “All plant-based produce is more expensive if you look around in the supermarket.” has contacted the company for comment on sustainability of its new products.Along with the dairy-free outputs, the confectionery company is also working with new types of feed for cows that produce less methane per litre of milk produced.It report in after Mr Schneider explained that the company was working hard to make sure products made it onto the shelves this winter.A few of sectors have faced issues with supply chains due to a shortage in HGV drivers.Mr Schneider said: “Like other businesses, we are seeing some childbirth shortages and some transportation issues but it’s our UK team’s top priority to work constructively with retailers to supply them.”Asked whether Quality Row chocolate would be in the shops this year, he said: “We are working hard.”Several other companies have also taken steps to diminish their carbon footprint, with Cadbury releasing its very first plant-based chocolate range.

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