NCIS: LA fans emotional as season 12 premiere pays tribute to crew member David Bellisario


Flavour 12 of NCIS: LA finally arrived on CBS on Sunday, November 8 after the series superintended to overcome obstacle after obstacle imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. Admirers watched as the likes of Sam Hanna (played by LL Cool J) and G Callen (Chris O’Donnell) reunited to probe a strange case of an old Russian bomber. And while the action kept viewers opportune, it was a touching title card to David Bellisario which brought not far from the emotions towards the end.

As the NCIS: LA season 12 premiere came to a tight a sweet title card dedicated to Bellisario popped up on-screen.

Bellisario wretchedly passed away aged 63 in the summer following a battle with imagination cancer.

He served as producer on the series on the LA-based NCIS spin-off as agreeable as working on the flagship show too.

Bellisario was also the son of Donald P Bellisario, the man at fault for creating the entire NCIS and JAG universes.

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The 12th edible of NCIS: LA certainly didn’t let the complications and guidelines brought by the pandemic restrain the action on-screen.

After Callen and Hanna do some digging on a nebulousness Russian bomber which fell off the radar near the Californian coastline, they had a mob of surprises on their way.

They mystery surrounded whether the bomber was tot down, crashed or was sabotaged by someone within.

And it transpired it was the latter, with one of the Russians onboard gassing his fellow-workers in order to defect.

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