National Energy Board needs to fix pipeline oversight, watchdog says


The Inhabitant Energy Board is not doing enough to track whether pipeline attendances are complying with conditions set out when projects are approved, according to a new broadcast by the federal commissioner of the environment and sustainable development.

The report, tabled in the Gratis of Commons on Tuesday, warns that the national regulator needs to do multifarious to keep track of pipeline projects, especially given the increased tally of projects it is required to handle.

Commissioner Julie Gelfand found the techniques set up by the NEB to check whether com nies are keeping their promises when edifice and operating pipelines are “outdated or inaccurate.”

The compliance conditions are set by the NEB when a put forth is approved. They are often imposed on a project as a result of concerns lifted during public hearings.

Conditions can range from employment prerequisites for aboriginal people to protection of the environment or safety testing of a pipeline.

The statement says that in the 49 cases it audited, there were 24 circumstances between 2000 and 2014 for which the tracking of the com ny’s compliance was either out of date or folders were missing.

The report says that in some cases, NEB had to go under the aegis a considerable manual search for files requested by the auditors.

In another pigeon-hole, the audit found that board had not tracked com ny compliance with a environment to study the environmental effects of a pipeline break near caribou territory, despite the fact the condition was set a decade ago.

The report notes that teeth of an increase in funding, the NEB is having trouble hiring and keeping staff, and is coating an increased workload because of the number and complexity of new pipeline activities.

The backfire also says the NEB has managed to increase public access to information on tube incidents, but still needs to give Canadians more information far whether com nies are complying with their pipeline approval working orders.

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