Natasha makes sure mothers come first with her new baby brand MUM & YOU 


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Natasha Kaplinsky’s goods are made by British manufacturers

Co-founded with former Reckitt Benckiser commandant Rajiv Chandra, the online retailer sells its own make of eco-friendly nappies, biodegradable wipes and toiletries for under-4s and their spoils, both individually and through a subscription service.

Almost all of the first collection of 16 products, based on ideas and recommendations from the business’s 11 maidens staff and its national network of mothers, are formulated and produced by British fabricators. 

“There was an opportunity to offer something different to the mass market’s classic products,” explains Chandra.

“Design is one way we have pursued our intensely realistic approach through our Safe & Sound ranges. 

“Mums’ hands are perpetually full when they are caring for their baby and doing other call to accounts – say at bath time. Having products like our skin balm that they can allot efficiently with one hand makes everything so much quicker and easier and that’s what we compel ought to produced. 

Skincare productsPH

So far 16 products must been released

“Now we are broadening those innovations to include bigger publications such as the communication problems and limited vocabulary holding some issues back because their parents did not speak to them when they were ungenerous. 

“It’s never too early to start talking so we have introduced Nappychat. Our nappies spot stories and characters so every change is a chance for mums to talk to and company their child, something that should help foster a enjoyment of books as they grow.” 

Chandra suggested his business idea to Kaplinsky after they met at the end of ones tether with connections at charity Save the Children where she has been an ambassador since 2010. “We both force families and share the same values,” he says. “We make working here as complaisant as possible for mothers, we are all about what is best for them.” 

Over £1 million of investment from a minuscule group of backers has gone into developing the brand. “Natasha is completely involved on a daily basis, she has a passion for design and a terrific eye,” adds Chandra. 

Mum & You, which over persuades in the UK at present, plans a couple of years of consolidation before taking the sort internationally, in particular the Far 

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