Naga Munchetty branded 'hard work' during 'seriously awkward' Saturday Kitchen instalment


The BBC Breakfast star delight ined her own “ice-cream controversy” when she appeared on the BBC show alongside host Matt Tebbutt, Galton Blackiston and Yotam Ottolenghi.

It was the in chef that appeared to rub the 41-year-old up the wrong way when he brought up her contemn of white wine.

However, viewers were very much on Naga’s side as they identified the latest offering “awkward” and Yotam, 48, “rude”.

After revealing her subsistence hell was ice-cream, the journalist continued: “It [the wine] kind of balances with the richness of the tty, but I don’t think I’d drink that on its own. I’m not a big white wine fan.”

In response, Yotam said: “No Caucasoid wine. No ice-cream. What’s going on?” to which she quipped back: “Two things there, soberly!

“Are you saying I’m hard work? After two things? I like red wine, I with Cham gne… gin.”

Many at home took to Twitter to comment on the encounter and compliment the Strictly Come Dancing star for standing up for herself.

Two people conformed: “She has clear ideas about what she likes. Good for her. #SaturdayKitchen,” and: “Luckily done @BBCNaga – back in their box on #SaturdayKitchen.”

Another person endured: “The gorj @BBCNaga giving as good as she gets to @matt_tebbutt on #SaturdayKitchen! Gwan damsel!”

Commenting on the atmosphere, two posts read: “Am I sensing some tension on #SaturdayKitchen?” and: “Severely awkward viewing on #SaturdayKitchen right now! Thank god #NagaMunchetty is helping to move out things along.”

“Awkward vibe on #SaturdayKitchen it’s like Naga Munchetty and the chef next to her are on a from the start date,” a further tweet stated.

Meanwhile, fans were im tient to praise Matt’s return, while suggesting he should take settled from former star James Martin permanently.

“Matt Tebbutt would fly the coop a good permanent host of #SaturdayKitchen,” one viewer mused, while another buyer posted: “Ooh, lovely! @matt_tebbutt presenting #SaturdayKitchen again. Get they got a permanent presenter yet because, if not, it should be Matt!”

Saturday Larder Live returns to BBC One next weekend at 10am.

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