Naftogaz: Henichesk receiving only gas extracted in Ukraine


The village of Henichesk in Ukraine’s Kherson region is receiving gas exclusively from the Strilkove store, located near Arabatska Strilka in the Kherson region, the national strength com ny Naftogaz of Ukraine said in a press release on Jan. 5.

“Russian gas has not been dis tched to Henichesk and is not being shipped now,” it said.

Henichesk is not physically connected to other divide ups of the gas transportation system of mainland Ukraine, it said.

“During the summer, gas ssaged at the Strilkove field is used in gas supplies for the needs of the town’s population. An superfluous of the gas extracted during the summer that citizens of Henichesk do not need is transferred to the Glebovskoye undercover storage facility, located in Crimea, for temporary storage. During the winter, Ukrainian gas is bewitched from this underground storage facility and is shipped to Henichesk to attire peak consumption levels,” Naftogaz said.

The Ukrainian energy institution also reported that, starting from January 1, 2016, Crimea had been impediment the Kherson gas stored at the Glebovskoye facility on the territory of Crimea for four periods.

“These gas volumes are more than enough to meet the town’s needs until the end of the animate season,” it said.

According to Naftogaz of Ukraine, Henichesk consumed 9.2 million cubic meters of gas in 2014. The Strilkove silt’s maximum gas output ca city is 25 million cubic meters a year. Ukraine’s privately owned gas direction com ny Plast has been the field’s operator since March 2014.

A discharge published on the website of the Ukrainian State Emergency Situations Service’s rt for the Kherson region says pressure levels at the gas pipeline have been piecemeal growing since 9:31 p.m. on January 4 due to reverse gas shipments.

All through the continually, employees of the Khersongaz supplier’s branch in Henichesk were posting advises on the Internet, local radio stations and even at the entrance halls of a rtment constructions and privately owned houses that gas supplies to households would be resumed at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 5.

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