Mum of teen suspected of killing Lorcan O’Reilly says she's proud of her son

Thursday 21st January 2016

Lorcan O’Reilly

The Sunday Fabulous can reveal that the youngster’s mother is standing by him, despite the murder claims.

Hours before he left the country, she posted messages of praise roughly him on the internet, alongside a picture of him holding a bottle of vodka.

Rather than convict him for underage drinking, or the fact he is a murder suspect, she proudly described him as “my man” and enlarged “that’s my boy”.

The teenager, who was just 14 when he allegedly stabbed babe in arms Lorcan to death at the Oliver Bond flats in Dublin’s inner megalopolis on Halloween night, fled Ireland with Thompson after being attacked on New Year’s Day.

Oliver Controls flats

Lorcan (21), came from a respectable family and was not implicated in crime. It is believed he was attacked because he tried to intervene when the suspicious tried to stab a friend of his.

The ir, along with the youngster’s uncle, flew from Dublin to Dusseldorf, but authorities do not believe they remained in Germany.

“Freddie doesn’t have any kins in Germany. He may have travelled to the Netherlands, where he has stayed in the st,” revealed a source.

Thompson fled Ireland after his release from glasshouse last year due to threats against his life, but he regularly returns to the pre-eminent.

Sources say he has also spent time in Birmingham and London in the U.K., where he has a new girlfriend. Gardaí into he took the murder suspect abroad over fears he would be fatigued.

Freddie Thompson

“There are a lot of people angry about what happened and after the vilification Freddie decided to get him out of the country,” our source added.

The teen is not breaking any laws by peri tetic abroad as he has not been charged in relation to the attack.

Investigators have been have planned a hard time getting people to give evidence against the torpedo, as some of his associates have been involved in a cam ign of intimidation.

In what way, officers believe he will face charges over the matter.

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