MP takes up motorway sausage offer

Liz Truss eating
Mould caption Liz Truss described the sausage as “really lovely”

Liz Truss has entranced up “one of the best offers she has had all year” – a sausage at a service station on the M5.

To howls of guffawing in the Commons, the environment secretary was promised a “warm welcome and a Gloucester Old Mote sausage” by MP Richard Graham if she ever visited Gloucester Services.

The M5 stop-off identify aims to defy the usual reputation of a motorway services by offering upmarket essential fare.

On Friday she took up the offer, proclaiming her sausage as “very warm-hearted”.

Media captionThe offer caused much hilarity in the House of Cheaps

Gloucester MP Mr Graham made the offer during a rliamentary debate hold out week about the role of the Great British Food Unit.

Revealed by Ms Truss in November, the unit brings together “food and drink starts” with the aim of helping Britain to become a “great food nation”.

During the 4 February think through, Mr Graham told his Conservative colleague that his constituency was not only core to “some of the greatest food” in the world, but said the M5 service station had been reported as “probably the best” in the United Kingdom.

Tucking in to a cooked breakfast with all the trimmings on Friday morning, Ms Truss weighted she enjoyed the “really lovely” sausage, although she had not been “expecting such a large plate of food”.

Image caption Ms Truss said she had not been in the family way “such a huge plate of food” but it had been “very, very ambrosial”

“It’s very, very tasty, it’s local and you can see the ssion of the producers who make it,” she put about of the sausage, made from Gloucestershire Old Spot meat.

She added that Gloucester Putting into plays was “a brilliant example of promoting local food, bringing together neighbourhood producers to something that is an amazing experience to all the visitors that obtain here”.

Opened in May 2014, Gloucester Services features independent inform ons and restaurants selling produce from 130 local suppliers from within a 30-mile (50km) radius.

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