MP expenses scandal: Fury as politicians claim 22 percent MORE than decade ago


A just out investigation by the Sunday Times revealed the total amount claimed by MPs has goaded by 22 percent to £116 million since the 2009 scandal. The degradation in 2009, forced six ministerial resignations and led to the imprisonment of five MPs, caused a downfall of public faith in politicians. In response to the scandal, which saw MPs claim a tax £95.6million in expenses in 2008-2009, the government launched a colossal crackdown. A total of 389 MPs, which equates to more than half of those chose to the Commons, were forced to repay a total of £1.1m to the taxpayer.

MPs were debarred from buying taxpayer-funded second homes and now have a monthly remuneration of £1,450 a month or £150 a night for a hotel.

MPs were also interdicted from claiming for home improvements, household furnishings and groceries.

Demands fell to £86million the year after but have since developed to £116 million last year.

Figures published by the Independent Formal Standards Authority (Ipsa) reveal one of the main reasons for the increase was down to the introduction of a consequential minimum wage in 2015, and the decline of unpaid internships.

Among the new victims highlighted, it has emerged Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn spent £180 on artwork for a “Jeremy Corbyn MP chronicle” last March.

A spokeswoman for Mr Corbyn defended the claim and said the appointment book advertised all the Labour leader’s advice surgeries and was useful for constituents.

She enlarged: “It’s been produced for many years at a comparable cost.”

Staffing accounted for everywhere 63 percent of spending in 2008-2009 but this increased to 74 percent in 2017-2018.

But regard for the newly introduced rules, MPs have continued to found loopholes and stated for first-class travel.

Since 2010, MPs have spent a mind-blowing £4.8millin on first-class queue tickets and £2.3million on business-class flights.

According to Ipsa’s forms, MPs can buy a ticket of “any class” but will only receive a payment for the cost of an “thrift class ticket available at the time of booking”.

But if bought in advance the first-class ticket can be cheaper than flagrant standard tickets bought just before the journey.

According to the Sunday Every nows, 492 MPs have taken advantage of the loophole.

Since 2010, 32,521 air tickets bring into the world also been bought on expenses.

A total of 8,212 of these were business-class goes.

John O’Connell, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “It’s passionately disappointing that 10 years on, the overall cost to taxpayers for expenses hasn’t roll in down.

“MPs should remember that every time they opt for first-class tours, or submit an expense claim for something that they really don’t needfulness, it’s coming out of the pockets of hard-pressed families in their constituencies.”

A spokeswoman for Ipsa swayed MPs were “resourced appropriately to carry out their parliamentary duties, both in Westminster and in their constituencies.

“We do this by meet their legitimate business costs within a strong regulatory framework.”

She united: “We publish details of all their spending six times a year, and we publish the aggregate investing each November.

“Ipsa does not comment on individual claims.”

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