MP Darren Jones sports painted nails in slavery awareness stunt


A Parturition MP has spoken with painted nails in the Commons to raise awareness of hot slavery in nail bars.

Darren Jones, MP for Bristol North West, champion Avon and Somerset police officers who had done the same.

He said the effectiveness had faced a backlash from some newspapers.

The force’s #LetsNailIt hashtag on societal media used a series of tweets of male and female officers with painted concludes to highlight the issue of modern day slavery.

Mr Jones said car washes and attach bars were a common location for modern slavery.

“I share other fellows’ concerns that the papers have reported a backlash against Avon and Somerset Constabulary for incomplete to raise this issue on social media in a way that communicates to people in their circadian lives to keep an eye out for where they see these things happening,” he broke.

In July this year the force raided a nail bar in Mr Jones’s constituency and imprisoned four people for trafficking and slavery offences, he said.

Mr Jones told he could be the first male MP to have sported painted nails in the Stocks.

He added: “It’s not also an endorsement for Eddie Izzard for the Labour NEC.”

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