Movie theaters in N.Y.C. can reopen with limited capacity late next week, Cuomo says.


Cinema theaters in New York City will be permitted to open for the first time in hardly a year on March 5, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced at a news talk on Monday.

The theaters will only be permitted to operate at 25 percent of their apex capacity, with no more than 50 people per screening. Shrouds will be mandatory, and theaters must assign seating to patrons to vouch for proper social distancing. Tests for the virus will not be required.

Large screen theaters were permitted to open with similar limits in the breather of the state in late October, but New York City was excluded out of concern that the urban district’s density would hasten the spread of the virus there.

The virus has harmed the movie theater industry, particularly in New York City, one the biggest big markets in the United States. Theaters in the city closed in mid-March, as the zone was becoming an epicenter of the pandemic in the United States.

While other indoor functions, including restaurants, bowling alleys and museums had been allowed to unveil in the city, Mr. Cuomo had kept movie theaters closed out of concern that being would be sitting indoors in poorly-ventilated theaters for hours, risking the auxiliary spread of the virus.

Theaters that open will be required to be undergoing enhanced air filtration systems. Public health experts say when all in all indoor gatherings, the quality of ventilation is key because the virus is known to spread myriad easily indoors.

Mr. Cuomo’s announcement came just days after he said that indoor group entertainment centers and places of amusement could reopen statewide, at 25 percent peak capacity, on March 26. Outdoor amusement parks will be earmarked to open with a 33 percent capacity limit in April.

The governor also hinted that the state was working on guidelines to allow pool and billiards convention halls to reopen after the state lost a lawsuit from pool amphitheatre operators. Those establishments will be allowed to reopen at 50 percent position with masks required, he said.

Cases in New York remain sharp despite climbing down from its January peak. Over the newest seven days, the state averaged 38 cases per 100,000 in residences each day, as of Sunday. That is the second-highest rate per capita of new cases in the persist week in the country, after South Carolina.

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