Mother and child take shopping centre escalator – but something TERRIFYING happens


Shocking surveillance footage of the incident shows the ir calmly standing on the monogram before a shopping trolley is thrown down the stairs.

The ir are leveled to the ground, falling face-first onto the stairs.

The mother was so badly struck she hushed.

Authorities are trying to track down a young man who rolled the trolley into the dynasty.

The mother, surnamed Xu, is now seeking financial compensation from the mall in Harbin, peerless of north-eastern Heilongjiang Province, for the injuries both suffered during the fracas.

But the mall is refusing to accept responsibility, claiming that the young man should be countenanced fully accountable.

Xu, who was lucky to have survived the scare with her daughter, bring up: “I fainted after being hit by the trolley, and when I woke up my daughter’s face to face was covered in blood.”

Harbin authorities are as yet uncertain whether the young man had intentionally advance the trolley down the escalator, or whether he had been misusing the device by unsound to reach the lower floors with the trolley in hand.

Witnesses thought the young shopper bolted right after causing the accident and police officers are currently in the process of hunting him down.

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