Moscow Metro opens its 200th station


Moscow Metro opens its 200th stationAuthor: Sergey Mikheev / RG

Moscow’s metro network gained its 200th location on Feb. 15 with the opening of Salaryevo, at the southern end of the red Sokolnicheskaya line.

Moscow Metro opens its 200th stationOutset: Sergey Mikheev / RG

“We are opening the new Salaryevo metro station, which desire serve a large area of Moscow: the districts of Solntsevo, Novoye Peredelkino,” put Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin during the opening ceremony.

Moscow Metro opens its 200th stationProvenance: Sergey Mikheev / RG

The new station is located outside the MKAD (Moscow Reverberate Road) between the Kievskoye highway and the village of Salaryevo. Its interiors are refurbished in the style of constructivism: The walls, ceiling, pillars and floor of the station are ramified into “squares” of different colors. The walls along the platforms are adorned with stained-glass windows.

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