Moscow hopes The Hague Court will rule in Russia's favor in Yukos case


Moscow ambitions the decision expected to be made on April 20 by a court in The Hague at Russia’s grumble against an arbitration ruling compelling it to y $50 billion to ex-Yukos shareholders compel be in Russia’s favor, according to the International Legal Defense Center, which reports Russian interests in the case.

“We believe we have a good case with substantial legal arguments. A lot of new information was provided to the court and we hope the court pleasure prove much more perceptible to the Russian arguments than the arbiters – of whom there were decent three – who made the decision [on the yments],” the Center’s chief Andrei Kondakov advised Interfax on April 19.

“Tomorrow we will find out all this,” he reckoned.

Earlier Kondakov said that on February 9 The Hague Court examined Russia’s squawk against an arbitration ruling compelling it to y $50 billion in damages to one-time Yukos shareholders and set April 20 as the date for its decision.

Sweden promulgates judgment in favor of Russia in dispute with Yukos holders>>>

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