Mortgage calculator: Credit expert warns check credit report before applying for mortgages


From the largest rate to the type of mortgage which suits the borrower, there’s a lot to conceive of about when getting a mortgage. Some people may opt to use a mortgage abacus tool online. However, it may be that potential house-buyers may want to deem their credit score, too. This is a number which is used by lenders, to inform appropriate determine whether a borrower can qualify for a particular type of loan – comprehending credit cards, loans, and mortgages.

It can be provided from Credit Recommendation Agencies, and is available for individuals to see.

Lenders may look at a person’s credit announce in order to see the applicant’s credit history, before determining a credit line of their own.

This report is a record of credit that one has used in the days six years, as well as other relevant records.

These can include the electoral wallow in, court judgments, insolvencies and credit applications.

James Jones, Make a beeline for head up of Consumer Affairs at Experian, told “For many of us, applying for a mortgage is the most effective application we ever make, so it’s worth being prepared.

“This contains investing a little time in reviewing your credit score as beginning as possible in the process.

“This will give you time to iron out any effluxes and, if necessary, grow your score to give you the best possible happen of securing a great mortgage deal.”

What tips does Experian give birth to for mortgage hopefuls?

For those applying to a mortgage, they suggest it could be recognizable to review one’s credit report with each of the three credit regard agencies as soon as possible – ideally at least six months before a acquisition.

Research conducted by Onepoll suggests that 74 per cent of UK homeowners didn’t probe their report before applying – which, according to Experience, could scruffy their credit scores may not have been as good as was possible before of applying.

And, the credit reference agency has suggested that this could organize left some with limited – and more expensive – mortgages to on from.

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How to make sure one’s credit condition is in shape when buying a property, according to Experian:

Check your impute report to ensure everything is accurate and up to date.

Even minor lacunae can affect a person’s credit score.

See if you can strengthen your credit experiences, and further improve chances of being accepted for a mortgage

  • Register to vote at your simultaneous address
  • Make sure any past debts are correctly shown as paid and attached
  • If you’ve had problems in the past for a good reason, such as losing your job or being ill, send a ‘regard of correction’ to the three credit reference agencies to explain this to querying lenders
  • If your credit report is still linked to an ex-partner’s, ask the energies to break the link for you
  • Try to avoid applying for other credit products in the six months in front of your mortgage application
  • Avoid missing any regular payments as these are liable to damage your credit score
  • Pay down existing debts if you can. Maxed out confidence cards are bad news for credit scores

Check out which mortgage spin-offs you’re likely to be accepted for and how much you could borrow, based on lenders’ criteria via an eligibility meet approval.

This check leaves only a soft search on your recognition report so does not impact your credit score and you get to see where you get up based on your current credit health.

You can get as many mortgage bring ups as you like without harming your credit score.

However, be informed that as soon as you ask a lender to commit to lending to you, including getting a mortgage ‘contract in principle’, this is likely to register a hard footprint that can touch subsequent credit scores. So only do this once you’re found the accurately deal for you.

Once you get your mortgage, keeping up with the monthly payments wishes further strengthen your credit rating.

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