More than 2,000 schools need building in the UK to deal with immigration crisis


As uncountable as 2,122 schools must be built in England within the next four years – the equivalent of 24,287 classrooms – to behave with the growing numbers of primary and secondary school pupils.

Course of study officials estimate that there will be an additional 729,000 first and secondary school pupils by 2020. According to research by the Scape Catalogue, the public sector owned construction com ny, the number of primary tyros in England will rise 8.6 per cent by 2020.

The greatest growth hand down be among secondary school pupils who will increase by 12 per cent by 2020. Circumstances will have to be found for the equivalent of 12,209 additional primary classrooms.

A forwards 12,078 secondary classrooms will be needed. Latest Government get a fix ons, published in May, show that almost 700,000 school-aged children – one in 15 students nationally – have a rent who is a citizen of another European country.

The gang has more than doubled since 2007.

That figure includes adolescents who moved to Britain with their rents and those who were carried here after one or both rents migrated to the UK.

The number of school-aged babes arriving from Europe reached a record 25,000 in a single year, the Control figures showed.

At the time Priti tel, then employment support and now international development secretary, said: “These figures show how the EU’s commence borders policies and uncontrolled immigration is leading to huge and unsustainable stresses on our schools.”

London, the South-east and the east of England will see the highest people growths, along with the cities of Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham, according to the Scape Corps. Manchester will see the largest rise in pupil numbers, with verging on 19,000 extra primary and secondary pupils by 2020, a 27 per cent broaden.

This will require the equivalent of 57 new schools – 48 pre-eminent and nine new secondaries in four years.

The cities of Bristol, Peterborough, Milton Keynes, Leicester and Nottingham force also see rapidly rising demand.

Mark Robinson, chief administrative of Scape Group, said: “In a post-Brexit economy, with all of the uncertainty this engenders, the construction of new schools must be a top priority for government.

“The country will before you know it start to feel the full weight of the impending boom in pupil figure ups.

“A new wave of school building must be a top priority.”

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