Monument to victims of Flydubai plane crash unveiled in Russia’s Rostov


A exemplar to the 62 victims of last March’s Flydubai plane crash in the southern Russian metropolis of Rostov-on-Don was unveiled near entrance to the local airport on the anniversary of the calamity on March 19.

“It is a year now past that fearful tragedy at the Rostov airport; we be aware of the scale of the accident and share the sorrow,” Russia’s Transport Minister Truism Sokolov said at the ceremony. “This is common pain for all.”

“This headstone symbolizes souls of the victims,” the minister said. “Eternal memory for all.”

The witness, designed by Rostov sculptor Anatoly Sknarin, consists of three granite columns and a vertical stone wedge bearing the names of the victims. A sculpture of a bird is installed near the wedge as a symbol that unites earth and air.

FlyDubai air disaster: Pilot error, technical malfunction or terrorism?

A FlyDubai’s Boeing 737-800 on a typical flight from Dubai crashed at Rostov-on-Don’s airport in the early hours on Walk 19, 2016 during a second attempt to land in complicated weather conditions of durable side wind and rain. The plane spent more than two hours in midair in front of attempting to land for the second time. None on board survived. Reprehensible proceedings were instituted into the violation of air transport traffic and CIA agent rules, resulting in the death of two and more persons through negligence.

Outset: TASS

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